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Hello, I'm struggling with this app for more than a month now. Please help me ... either I'm too stupid or need some serious help. 

Kindly please tell me what it would take to provide app set-up support. I already lost my contracts. 

I've given up on the theme. But I'm hoping I can somehow save the app. Not requesting a refund. I need some help/guidance. 

Please be kind and help me. 

Thank you, sir/madam. 

Asked 1 month ago on February 26, 2021 1:40 AM Comments 7 times

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    Admin replied

    Dear Shashank, 

    Jenny here from admin team.  

    Inorder to help you, firstly we expect some professionalism. 

    Please answer few questions inorder for us to help you better :

    1. Why havent you submitted a ticket since a month if you are struggling in setup. 
    2. In the entire conversation below, where have you mentioned the error, or problem you are facing ? NOWHERE ! 
    3. If you have already tried setup theme or app, please share you demo link, app setup error screenshots.

    We have lots of customers who are using the app flawlessly in production. Just because you dont understand how to use it doesnt mean products are not working well. 

    You two options now :
    1. Give us exact details for your errors, demo link of Wordpress installation, WP Access
    2. OR submit a refund a request and you can find better solutions. 

    If you do not want to go with any of the two options, then it will be clear that you dont intend to actually use the products and just hurt the credibility of the product.

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    Shashank Rai replied

    I'll update once theme and app are working as advertised. 

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    Sandy replied


    This portal is access only for mobile team. If you have any issue regarding theme or web then use theme/web purchased code to create tickets.
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    Shashank Rai replied

    Hello - I will not waste any more time struggle through poorly written documentation/poorly designed app/theme. P

    lease provide ethical/honest app/theme installation support just like your "sales" page shows. 

    Otherwise do not falsely advertise your product deceiving hard-working customers. 

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    Sandy replied


    We have provided step by step documentation for install and configuration. Please follow the same document.
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    Shashank Rai replied

    Hello thank you for replying. The guide is too general. Cannot install anything. Please provide more support for app + web-theme install. 

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    Sandy replied



    We have found your review on our app as well as on the theme. Without creating a ticket, you had given a negative review. Please update those reviews.

    Which error you are facing?
    Thanks have a nice day :)
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