BUG REPORT - Movie Poster Graphic Does Not Show


When entering video URL address on Add Movie Screen, if "choose movie method" is Movie URL, the movie poster graphic does not show on website to users.   

On the other hand, if using "Enable Live Stream," (and HLS url is entered in live stream), the movie poster graphic appears on website.  Please see attached images: Test_Movie_LiveStreamURL and Test_Movie_NormalURL  (The only difference is where the URL was entered on the Add Movie input screen).
This appears to be another BUG.     

Please advise.  Thank you.  Steven


Asked 1 month ago on October 18, 2021 11:13 PM Comments 8 times

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    Admin replied

    Hello Steven Weinberg,

    There is no comment on this issue for many days.

    We are closing this issue now.

    If you have any issues, kindly create new tickets with this ticket reference.

    Thank you.

    Iqonic Support
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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    Sure we will try to fix this ASAP.
    Thank You !
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    Dear Kintesh:

    Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.  I will wait for this important update!  The publisher should be able to use the desginated "Movie Image" as the poster graphic on the description page, rather than be forced to use an embedded thumbnail image from YouTube or other service.  We need this option!

    Thank you very much!


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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    Yes, we are working on this issue, If it is occurring from the theme we will resolve it and release an update.
    Thank You !
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    Hi Kintesh:

    I believe you just confirmed the existence of the BUG in your theme, no?   

    Your theme should show the movie poster art REGARDLESS of the source of the video.  That is a mistake and a BUG.   Just because a poster frame is not embedded in a video should not matter whether your theme shows the poster.  This needs to be fixed.

    What you are actually saying is that StreamIt Theme is not for professional streaming services (like Netflix) but only ameateurs who's content is posted on YouTube for free (or pirated). 

    I am writing a comprehensive review of this theme for Envato Market/Code Canyon which I intend to post.  I have been working with StreamIt for over a month and studied it exensively.   

    If the user can't designate the specific poster art they want for each movie (and must rely instead on embedded poster frame), my review will say this is an amateur theme and not suited for professionals.

    Please have your design team fix this bug.   
    Thank you very much.


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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    It looks like this URL does not work like that. But we added a youtube link or embedded videos it shows the poster.
    We also added a youtube link in the Movie URL and it shows the poster. Then after we added your URL on the below two sites and its wasn't shown poster, you can check it on.
    Simply put your URL in it, or you can check it on other players.
    Thank You !
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    This is the URL of the movie:  TEST MOVIE – BabeFlix
    Admin is

    The page is currently set for "Enable Live Stream" with an HLS URL so the landing page correctly shows the poster art.  If you change to Movie URL (and insert any URL), the poster art disappears.  This is a BUG.  Thank you.

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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    Could you please share with us our link to these posts and your wp-admin credentials so we can look closer at the issue?
    Thank You !
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