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Thank you for building a beautiful template. I installed the admin template on my site www.hesaidshesays.com, and it looks nice but I am not able to get any of the necessary button's or site functions working properly. 

For example, when I am on the Sign In or Sign Up pages and I try to submit my email and password by clicking the Sign In button, nothing happens. 

Or, when I try and edit the user profile from the Edit Profile page (whether uploading a new picture or changing the name) after I click Submit, nothing happens and the information is not saved into the profile.

How can I get all the buttons and functions to work? 

I am fairly new to admin templates but I read on your preview page that it's ready to use so I thought it would be fully functional after basic installation. Please let me know how I can fix these issues and If you'd like to login and take a look I can send you the Wordpress login info. 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ryan Alipour

Asked 1 month ago on April 7, 2020 5:46 PM Comments 1 times

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    Swaroop replied

    Hi Ryan Alipour,

         It's just static pages. Not any functionality implemention on that pages.


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