Facing issues in ProShop Multivendor android app.

I purchased the app yesterday Morning and started app build work for my ecommerce site but facing few issues like :

1. Menu --> Categories & vendor page are not listing any data. Error shown is : “Sorry, you can not list resources.”

2. On Dashboard page Vendors are listed in vertical slider but if vendor not filled profile then it shows error of json exception.

3. Can’t be checkout because in shipping address section as there after pincode two dropdown input boxes(may be of state and country) are blank/no list showing, please help what to fill or what/how data i link with it.

4. Also want to know about to send push notification to navigate on particular category or product or offer after clicking on it.

5.  Unable to edit profile page.

6. Unable to submit & save rating. Error shown is : “Sorry, you can not list resources.”

7. Unable to use coupon codes.

8. Product Size Dropdown values color is white which is not visible.

9. Variable Product combination is not visible in Variation Swatches like layout.

Please help to resolve all above issues..

My website is https://www.crazyshoppers.in for your reference.

Asked 5 months ago on November 17, 2020 5:55 AM Comments 1 times

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    Sandy replied

    We will close this ticket. we have already replayed in this ticket https://iqonic.desky.support/support-tickets/edit/2397

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