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I have a question about the page titles on the theme. On the link I supplied when I installed the theme it was originally a H2 tag and not a H1 tag. I changed it in the code to be H1 instead as it's the main page title, but I had to do it in the parent theme and not the child theme so when I update the theme in the future it's probably going to revert back to a H2. I can see the code for the headers is in /inc/custom/xamin-breadcrumbs.php, I did try to copy that file and use the same folder structure in the child theme to overwrite it but it didn't work. I can overwrite the page templates/header/footer etc, but it doesn't seem to work for files in the inc folder. Is there a way I can do this in the child theme? Or in a future version of the theme would you be able to change it to a H1 as I'm guessing that's what it should be.

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    Krunal Patel replied

    Hi Aimee,

    We have received your request.

    We discuss with our team.

    In the next update, we provide a facility to choose the tag from the admin panel.
    So your changes not wiped out.


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    Admin replied

    Hi Aimee,


    We have received your ticket.

    Please allow our team to review it during our working hours tomorrow.

    Thanks! :)