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I have initiated maintenance mode in the StreamIt theme but now I cannot access the dashboard or login as administrator.  I have tried the usual WordPress login URL: babeflix.io/wp-admin

Please advise how to get back into the WordPress dashboard after launching maintenance mode.  Thank you.


Asked 1 month ago on October 17, 2021 3:32 AM Comments 7 times

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    Admin replied

    Hello Steven Weinberg,

    There is no comment on this issue for many days.

    We are closing this issue now.

    If you have any issues, kindly create new tickets with this ticket reference.

    Thank you.

    Iqonic Support
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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    Temporarily you can use the plugin which provides a maintenance mode feature till we check and resolve the issue.
    Thank You !
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    I meant to say: "Paid Member Subscriptions" from Cozmoslabs.  (I was never using paid membership pro.) 

    Sorry for the confusion in my words.  I fixed my problem but there is still some conflict that you should investigate.  I would like to use Maintenance Mode but I am afraid I will get locked out again.    

    Thank you very much.  Steven

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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven

    We apologize for this, we didn't mean like that.
    As You are using Paid Membership Pro, We haven't test the theme with it, But as you notified us about this, we will check and try to resolve this.

    Thanks, And Regards
    - Kintesh
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    HELLO.  I cannot get into the StreamIt Options dashboard because I cannot login to the site!   It is blocked with the maintence Coming Soon screen.   If I could login (even through the backend), don't you think I would know where to turn off the Streamit Maintenance Mode?  

    The user support at IQONIC seems to always assume the user is dumb.  I am not dumb.

    In order to solve this problem (after many hours of frustration), I had to have my host provider deactivate ALL of my plugins and then I needed to find out which plugin was causing the conflcit with StreamIt.  

    Deactivating the plugins was not enough.  The host was required to DELETE Paid Membership Pro in its entirety before I could login to the site as administrator.   I had to then reinstall PMP in order to get the StreamIt Dashboard options back up to deactivate Maintenance Mode.

    THERE IS A MAJOR BUG with the StreamIt Maintenance Mode because it conflicts with PMP.

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    Tejas replied

    Hello Steven Weinberg,

    Please check below screenshort and do the same setting as show in screenshort.

    If it is still the issue then help us please share with us your site URL and wp-admin credentials so we can look closer to your issue.

    Thanks, And Regards
    - Tejas


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    Admin replied

    Hello, Thank you for writing to us. Please be informed that we are having a weekly off today so we shall get back to you on Monday (IST working hours) until then you can check our Blog section, YouTube tutorials, and Resources for information on your purchased item. We shall get back on your message on Monday ASAP. Thank you 🙂
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