Protected Content Question

I have reviewed all of the support materials, including Paid Member Subscriptions Pro.   

I want to set ALL of my site's pages (Home, Movies, Videos, Persons) unprotected and open it to all visitors, regardless of logged-in status or subscription level.

For example, if a visitor selects a movie from the movie/grid slider on the Movies visible to the public, they should be taken to an unprotected page about the movie with ALL movie graphics, posters, description, cast info and an unprotected link to see the trailer.  

The ONLY part of the page that I want protected (for subscribers only) is a link to the actual video file which shows the whole movie.  An unsubscribed person should be taken to a buy subscription page or message.

Please advise how to do this simple task.   

Thank you very much.

Asked 1 month ago on October 15, 2021 8:20 PM Comments 20 times

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    Steven Weinberg replied

    Hi Kintesh: 

    I am using a PMS feature as a workaround for my issue that is "enable custom message."  I am using this feature to publish my movie posters and graphics for all logged out users.   

    In future updates, I suggest StreamIt have options for what is published to logged out users.  (In my case, I needed everything published except a working video link.)

    Since I solved this problem with a PMS feature, I am closing this ticket for StreamIt. 

    Thank you very much for your helpful guidance.


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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    Could you please tell us which of the other things you want to restrict on a single page? So that we can guide you better.
    THank You !
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    Steven Weinberg replied

    Thank you.  I was experimenting with the PMS feature since StreamIt does not provide the option of only protecting the video but still showing the movie graphics.   That should be a feature in an update of StreamIt.

    Thank you.

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    Kintesh replied

    Hi, Steven
    We have found that you already set the default message from the Paid Member subscriptions Settings.
    If you want to change for individual posts Go to Admin dashboard > movie/tv show/videos> add or edit > Content restriction > Restriction Message > Add you image or text with links. Refer to the attached image.
    If you deselect this then the default message will display which you already added in PMS Settings.