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Hello, I thank you for reading this and giving me a solution, I think that this is not true "highly customizable" with all due respect I say it, you have many types of preset pages, but it is NOT very highly customizable, such as colors, header types among other .

For my part, trying to modify many things from the CSS code and modifying the files to make various things work, but I want to emphasize that you understand the subject precisely because of that because it modifies "highly customizable" and in general the platform themes make it They are, but this time it has been complex for me to make many configurations to a project.

So I want to request a refund to my packaging account, to make the purchase of another item, but I recognize that they are very good but only for special cases, not for projects that require high customization.Thank you

Asked 3 days ago on August 1, 2020 1:10 AM Comments 2 times

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    Sergio Figueroa Gómez replied

    Hello guys!

    I very much appreciate the answer, I must admit that it is the first time that they tell me that a refund cannot be made, however, I think they are offering me a solution and I really appreciate it.

    I tell you, when you buy a theme it is with the idea that it will facilitate many things in the development of a project, that's why you look for themes that are highly customizable, you will wonder why, because each brand has its own identity and is vital that a theme allows one to reach that identity.

    In the case of Xamin, it does not allow me to play with heading types or play with the colors of the brand easily, I have to go to inspect an element through Google Chrome and modify that code by modifying that code as the color of Footer text also changes the color of the body text and so on.

    It would be nice if each section at least the header, footer and body have different forms of customization so it is much more customizable for you as a customer.

    I thank you for thinking of my satisfaction, so look in your portfolio and I think this topic can be used for the project at work Consultab - Business and Finance Consulting WordPress theme.

    Grateful to you I say goodbye and stay tuned.

    Thank you!

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    Admin replied

    Hi Sergio,

    We appreciate your feedback and understand that you had some specific requirement. Also this is the first time we have received such feedback. we would love to hear your suggestions.

    Regarding refund, as per policy once the files are downloaded refunds unfortunately are not possible. 

    Howevere, we can offer you to select any of our other theme from our profile. and you can keep both the licenses for your future projects. :)  i.e Xamin + Any other you select.

    Team IQONIC

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