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Hi team, its me here again with a new ticket with new idea.

is there any way to implement click to enlarge the image inside single post?

Actually you know some image content cant read due to small screen. So, it will be good, if my user can click to zoom and read or see the image.


Asked 2 weeks ago on January 10, 2021 3:06 PM Comments 3 times

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    Rohan replied


    1. Goto the pubspec.yaml file and add this line photo_view: 0.10.3 and Hit the Pub get Command.

    2. Add this file to your project https://we.tl/t-kuzG58KCWm.

    3. Open the NewDetailScreen.dart file and change this.  

    Thank you.

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    Shameem Reza replied

    Thanks for the good news. if you can tell me what to do will be good. So that my developer can implement that and go for update relase.


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    Sandy replied

    Hello Shameem Reza,
    Yes, this is possible. we have already implemented it in our code. we will release it this week.
    Thank you.

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