i would to know how to print bills and who is supposed to print bills for clients at the hospital? i will also appreciate if theres a video tutorial to support me on the addon feature like the prescription print and aslo is there a way i can remove the WordPress logo on the dashboard?

Asked 1 month ago on November 27, 2021 1:00 PM Comments 5 times

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    Admin replied

    Hello Michael Mantey,

    There is no comment on this issue for many days.

    We are assuming that this is working well now.

    We are closing this issue now.

    If you have any issues, kindly create new tickets with this ticket reference.

    Thank you.


    Iqonic Support
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    Akshay replied


      Please connect with us on the following ID for "Kivicare" theme & plugin customization.

      Skype ID: https://join.skype.com/invite/yPdnVOwWaqLh

      Email ID: rahul.itprojects@gmail.com

      Thank You!

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    Admin replied

    Hello, Thank you for writing to us. Please be informed that we are having a weekly off today so we shall get back to you on Monday (IST working hours) until then you can check our Blog section, YouTube tutorials, and Resources for information on your purchased item. We shall get back on your message on Monday ASAP. Thank you! 🙂
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    michael mantey replied

    the Kivicare plugin dashboard seems to take long before it opens up is there anyway you could be of assistance?

    Hello i have bought Kivivcare pro and i will like some customizations to be made, I will like you to add a ward(patients) and pharmacy module to it kindly send me the invoice

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    Akshay replied

    Hello Michael

    You will get this option in the patient encounter dashboard.

    As of now, we are showing this Wordpress logo in administrator login only and it is not possible to remove it.

    Kindly refer kivicare doc for more detail: https://wordpress.iqonic.design/docs/product/kivicare/clinic-admin/patient-encounter/



    Thank you


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