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WP Rest API caching in order to improve performance (?)

Specifically for the mobile application, are there any caching plug-ins you would advise in order to speed up the E2E speeding for the display of articles in Newz? I have now installed "WP REST Cache". For this purpose, do such plug-ins make any sense or do you have other tips/tricks/suggestions in order to improve posts load time (°)? [PAL-47]

(°) beyond tips and tricks that would generally apply to performance for the website

Asked 4 days ago on October 16, 2020 9:24 AM Comments 3 times

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    Admin replied

    Hi Koen Wauters,

    Jenny here from the admin team. I am so happy to have you on board with us. :)
    Let us know if you need any assistance. My team is always here to help you out.

    I had a small request : 
    If you can spare some time and rate the theme. Link for review: https://codecanyon.net/downloads

    We are a small team trying to work really hard to keep our products updated and deliver great customer experiences.
    Every feedback and encouragement means a lot to us. :)

    Cheers. Have a great day ahead. 


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    Koen Wauters replied

    Ok, thank you for your reply. In case you would put that in your delivery roadmap (and it would indeed increase performance) that would be helpful.

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    Sandy replied

    Thanks for your suggestions regarding the caching mechanism for cache API data. Yes, it is possible to catch data into a mobile application to improve app performance. We can do it with the Cache file mechanism technique. We will discuss the catch mechanism with our dev team. If it really helps our app performance then we will provide a catch mechanism on our future releases. 
    Thanks have a nice day :)
    Iqonic Support
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