In the ever-evolving e-commerce industry, to be successful all you need are some strategic, high-performing email templates. In this article, we will quickly cover the five most important types of emails that can help you grow your business sales. Additionally, we’ll get you a downloadable template at the end of this template. 


1. Welcome email 

Your welcome email is the first point of contact between you and a new and/or potential customer, so set the message right. The welcome message can also determine the likelihood or frequency that they’ll open your subsequent emails. 

Tip: Come up with some ways to get in touch and invite the recipient to engage with you on social media.


2. Abandoned Carts

An abandoned cart reminder helps to keep those almost purchases fresh in our minds. Since adding something to our carts meant we had an intent to purchase that something. Make sure your email layout is clean, the message is clear, and the call-to-action button is eye-catching. 

Tip: Add a hint of urgency in the note that the recipient’s cart items are running out of stock and it will trigger those fears of missing out.


3. Repeat Sales Offer

Repeat customers spend way more than a new customers. This is why smart businesses focus on “back-end” revenue. “Front-end” revenue comes from the first orders your customers make. “Back-end” refers to all the additional purchases a customer makes over their lifetime.

Tip: You can get customers to spend more by sending them up-sell offers to increase revenue and establish powerful patterns of repeat purchases.


4. Re-engage with inactive customers

Inactive customers are those who are still already familiar with your brand. Here, you just have to use re-engagement prompts to get them back on your site and purchase. You can go for a more relationship-focused approach, favoring phrases like “We Miss You!”. 

Tip: Automated re-engagement prompt messages or it’s a free product, a discount, or a chance to win something, you want to feature the incentive prominently. 


5. Ask Feedback

Because of something called “social proof”, people are heavily influenced by others. Feedback and reviews reassure visitors that they’re making the right decision in buying from you. So you’ll want to ensure that you get as many positive reviews as possible.

Tip: Having only five reviews still results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times!


6. (BONUS) Send them festive greetings!

Each industry has important holidays to celebrate, they are not just limited to the big events. Tailor your email campaign content to your industry and you may find the secret to success. 



Email Marketing is an extremely powerful tool. It provides a host of analytics for you to review and improve your marketing campaigns. The five emails covered in this article must be the foundations of your email marketing strategy.

Points to check before sending out your email campaign: 

  • Customize every email campaign with your brand’s identity.
  • Be honest when asking for feedback.
  • Highlight benefits that you’re providing to your customer.
  • Find a way to re-engage and tune in with your customers for a longer-term. 

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Nevertheless, we know what works for some brands won’t work for others. So make sure you test different emails styles and subject lines to craft the most efficient campaigns possible. 

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