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Our general support hours are Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 18:00 IST. During this time, we can generally provide feedback on any support queries within the shortest possible time, whilst we will also commit to answer any queries during weekends and holidays. We only cover support for our themes, and cannot give general WordPress support that isn't related to our themes. We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered support & modifications. So whilst we will try to help you with any type of query (support or modification), we cannot provide extensive help in terms of modifications. Technical support will thus take priority over modification support. If you need some feature not provided by our framework and the theme, feel free to contact us and we may include it in one of the future updates. Usually, the popular requests take priority.

First of all, we recommend you to check the Themeforest product detail page. We try to make this page as complete as we can, so you’ll find there description, features and live demo preview access, However, if you still have some questions, you can email us at office at design@iqonicthemes.com We answer all of your questions pretty fast usually, in a couple of hours up to a day.
Sometimes after the dummy content import is done, when you open the home page, the header may look strange and there may be a message "Slider can not be found". This is a server configuration related issue. To resolve this issue you have to ask your hosting provider to enable the PHP ZipArchive extension for you. Next, go to ‘theme’ > Quick import and import the sample sliders.
To fix this our team suggests to go to BookDescriptionActivity.java file, delete line no 364 and uncomment line no 365.
Yes absolutely! We have included the Kotlin code. And, of course, you can download the latest update anytime once you purchase the item. :)

Fret not, you can count on us for installation when you encounter trouble or difficulty. We request you to share your server credentials for your Cpanel. And allow our team some time to look into it and we should get back to you as soon as we're done with it. :)

Sure, you can check our guide on the demo installation in this article.

If however, you still encounter difficulty, just raise a support ticket with your wp-admin and FTP details so that our team can take a closer look and troubleshoot the issue without any further delay.


If you are eligible for any of our free gift offer on envato marketplace, then simply submit a ticket with your purchase code.
Keep Subject "Free Gift". Our team will verify your details and help you with your gift :)

It gives a fatal error because of the extension missing. Kindly install a ZIP extension on your server.

If it's the Linux based server then;

Sudo apt-get install php7.0-zip  (Instead 7.2 you should add your PHP version)


If you upload the theme and then activate it and see nothing but a white screen, please read the following information.

This is more common than you might think, and it can be frustrating to sort out. First, it is important to understand what the white screen. Simply put, there is an error that you can’t see. The reason you can’t see it is because WordPress is not displaying the error that is causing the problem. When attempting to diagnose the probable reason for a white screen condition check whether:


Did you install an upgraded version of WordPress, and did you check to see if the white screen occurred before you installed and activated your theme?


Did you install any plugins prior to installing the theme?


There are several causes of this condition. We consider the ones most likely to occur — Plugins, Theme, and Other Causes.

Pro tip: Check your error logs. A good amount of the time, server logs will show *exactly* what PHP function is causing the issue, and where. Run a PHP validator on the code prior to saving. It will catch a lot of simple mistakes.


You can always ask this at our email address - design@iqonicthemes.com

We do not want to keep our premium item owners in disguise or mislead them by false committing on the delivery timeline.

Feel free to share the consolidated list of changes you would like to make and drop us an email so that we can come up with either prioritizing the requirement and delivering the job or we shall not accept the job if it's too much for us at this moment.

We strive to provide the best support in the least time possible for our item owners.

If you are stuck with our item and have already raised a support ticket, please be rest assured your ticket is queued up for the agent.

In the case of rush-time, you can email us at design@iqonicthemes.com with your ticket number so that we can help you get your concerns resolved at the earliest we can.

We at Iqonic Design aims to offer a self-service support platform for our item owners.

We keep on updating our Knowledgebase timely so you can have a check on the articles.

We highly recommend our item owners to share as many details as they can with our support team so that the agent gets a clear idea and replicate the issue to resolve it.

Please be rest assured your credentials are never stored in our system. The information is used vigilantly by our support agents.

You can attach screenshots as well to help make a better understanding for our support team.

Our dedicated support team is constantly at work during working hours. They queue up the tickets and work on a first-come, first-resolve basis.

There might be a situation where our support agent is working on multiple tickets just to clear the queue. Please be informed that our Admin assigns your support ticket to the respective department and support agent. If you do not get a reply from our support agent on the acknowledgement of the ticket, please do not fret, we always have got you covered. We're trying to make it smoother for our item owners, please stay with us until then.