We're in the midst of a global pandemic. As we stay at home to keep ourselves and others safe, your Iqonic Design team wanted to reach out to you, designers, web developers, our customers, and item owners, with a resource that will help you to make the best of this new normal.

Envato's March Sale Campaign is running live. The exclusive discount doors are open from today that's 24th to 1st April. And the great news is we've got a few items on sale for you! 


What's new?

Throughout the week, we will be having your favorite themes at discounted prices. We've updated our themes, polished our mobile apps, scripts, and designs to get you the finest product to launch your project.  

We hope to keep up your energy high and motivated, and at the same time, help you take your mind off the churn of pandemic news when you need to. Here are the items we want you to bag this week:

1. Vizion AI Startups WordPress Theme 

2. Sofbox Admin HTML 

3. Prokit - Android UI Kit with SoftUI 

4. WooBox - WooCommerce Flutter E-commerce Full Mobile App 

Sale link: https://envato.com/c/march-sale/

Should you have any concerns, reach out to us at https://iqonic.desky.support/

Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy building projects! 

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