Dear Item Owners,
With the isolated world, we are all connected virtually more than ever right now. Online learning is becoming more popular, IT and SaaS firms are working remotely. Your team of Iqonic Design is geared up to help you assist you better and faster. Coordination and collaboration are indeed challenging for all we know. However, we now take this time to thank all of you for staying with us and counting on us. 
This little note is for everyone that have opened support tickets with us, shared their fabulous review, and rated us with stars. Being a part of us makes us stronger in many ways. WordPress team, Mobile app team, PHP team, and IoT team is managing the products, updates, and fixes from their home office. 
There is not a lot of new launches we can brag over, but indeed some brilliant updates our team is making. Submerge yourself in the exciting updates in this digital environment. We urge you to become inspired, educated and invigorated, via a series of elevating discussions on our support portal. Premium item owners just need to open a support ticket or share your motivating thoughts by reviewing us on Themeforest - https://themeforest.net/downloads. This is your chance to virtually connect & network with other highly influential item owners in the SMBs, SaaS companies, Envato authors, freelancers, web developers, and various agencies. 
COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in major ways. We at Iqonic Design want to do our part by encouraging the exchange of thoughts in this space or you can share your views at [email protected]. Thank you for all your support and patience during this time. 
Positivity and power, 
Iqonic Design 

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